About the Organic World Congress

Every three years, our emblematic Organic World Congress (OWC) is held in conjunction with our General Assembly, involving thousands of organic farmers, producers, researchers, advocates, and policy experts from around the world. By rotating across countries, the OWC brings global visibility to the host country.

IFOAM – Organics International’s General Assembly voted for Rennes, France to host the 20th OWC from 6-10 September 2021. The OWC aims to provide organic and like-minded stakeholders working toward sustainable agriculture, value chains, and consumption with an opportunity to trade knowledge, innovations, and experiences about the organic world. The congress offers inspiration and momentum to all who take part and is seen as a leading event for the global organic sector.

Key Priorities and Messages:

Innovation can be used to stimulate farmer conversion to organic – increase nutritional revenues from fields while maintaining ecosystem vigor.

Organic systems are tied to the living soil and should be enhanced to preserve and develop biodiversity as well as plant and animal integrity.

The organic agriculture movement inspires healthy food systems and a culture of sustainability.

Organic agriculture is forward-looking and achieves innovation through the melding of tradition and science.

Organic agriculture serves as an inspiration for the transformational changes needed within the agricultural sector.

Organic agriculture works and positions itself as an agent of change. It is time to scale up and harness the benefits reaped from regenerative (sustainable) ways of farming.

The OWC2021 is solution-oriented and will seek to offer alternatives to global challenges and maximize positive impacts on people and the planet. Its tonality is pragmatic, friendly, positive, and collaborative.

Organic agriculture is a tool for responsible development.